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Fire protection for the brave men and women who protect and serve.

PRPV Industries’ pneumatic release pilot valve is an integral part of shipboard magazine fire protection. Our enduring design has been protecting our fleet for the past 70 years.



The PRPV is a normally closed spring-loaded pilot valve that opens automatically to actuate the magazine sprinkler system in response to a pneumatic signal from one or more thermopneumatic elements.



The three main components include the operating mechanism, the compensating vent, and the pilot valve. The valve assembly is provided with shock mounts and brackets for fastening to a bulkhead.



PRPV is equipped with a compensating vent which bleeds off the slight increase or decrease of pressure caused by normal fluctuations in temperature. This prevents an inadvertent tripping of the valve.

Magazine Sprinkler Information

Magazine sprinkler systems are designed to store explosive ordinance and automatically contain and suppress fires. The Gunnery Officer is responsible for ensuring the working order of the designed systems.  >> Learn more

Magazine Sprinkler Certification

A non‐certified magazine shall not be considered safe to stow ammunition and explosives. Any safety or other major discrepancy shall be justification for recommendation of non‐certification.  >>Learn More

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